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with Amanda Nicole.  IT'S FREE :-)

Virtual Team Meeting

FREE virtual meetups designed to help you check in on your business, hit your monthly targets, and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs.


Designed and led by the insightful Amanda Nicole, these sessions are packed with invaluable information and wisdom.


Don’t miss your chance to make new business friends and take your business to the next level. Secure your spot on the waitlist today!

Monthly Mingle with Amanda Nicole | 1111hour | 1111 hour | 11:11 hour

Meet Amanda, a social media coach dedicated to helping coaches and entrepreneurs like you succeed in the online business world.

Offering tailored networking strategies, podcasting tips, and content and marketing plans to help you grow a vibrant business community. Networking is the lifeblood of your business.

You’re meant to thrive in a community, not go it alone.

Amanda's mission is to support those just starting with networking and those looking to improve their skills.


Focusing on authentic connections, so you don’t waste hours with little in return.

Join Amanda, and you might find your next podcast guest, video interview partner, aligned collaborator, speaking event opportunity, mentor, or even a new business bestie.

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