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Want to Collaborate with the 11:11 Hour Gift Shop?
It's Free! - Here's how it works.

1. Customer places an order on the 11:11 Hour website.

2. You'll receive an automated email with the customer order and post information.

3. You create the order, package and post it to the customer then alert 11:11 Hour.

4. You'll receive payment and a happy customer receives and enjoys their order!  

Terms and Conditions for Gift Shop Collaborations with 11:11 Hour

Item Requirements


Participating businesses must provide exclusive and or items that can be made to order for 11:11 Hour's store.


These items should be special variations not sold elsewhere unless agreed upon by 11:11 Hour.




This is a Free Service for businesses choosing to be involved with the 11:11 Hour Collaborative Gift Shop.


Businesses will receive the agreed-upon price per item along with the postage cost to send the item to the customer.


The item will be listed with an additional margin added by 11:11 Hour to cover our running costs.


Order Process


When a customer purchases an item with 11:11 Hour, our ordering system will trigger an automated email to both 11:11 Hour and the participating business with the items purchased by the customer and the customers postage information.


The product should be created in a time sensitive manner and packaged in the usual style of the participating business.


The 11:11 Hour must be sent confirmation of postage within 24 hours of the item/s being posted.


The 11:11 Hour will then pay the agreed upon price and the postage cost to the collaborator within 24 hours of confirmation.  




Participating businesses are solely responsible for any faults with purchased items, in accordance with their own returns and exchanges policies and our own.


Once an item is posted, it becomes the responsibility of the participating business and the chosen postage service. 


11:11 Hour is not solely liable for any damaged, missing parcels, or refund disputes but will do our best to resolve any issues that may or may not arise.


Logo Usage


Permission is required for 11:11 Hour to use the participating business's logo in promotions across its website and social media platforms.


Product Sample


Participating businesses must supply 3 to 5 clear product photographs or provide a sample product to 11:11 Hour at 'PO Box 49, Teesdale VIC 3328',


product samples are to be posted at the applicant's expense.


Product photos and samples are used for promotional purposes including and not limited to photographs and videos for advertising across our various platforms.




All products in 11:11 Hour's store will be promoted across various platforms, including but not limited to Google Merchant Stores, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook Marketplace and more.


Trust and Quality


The collaboration operates on trust, with an expectation that all items are made to the highest quality and standards.


While 11:11 Hour aims to work with as many businesses as possible, not all product types may be suitable.


Digital Products


11:11 Hour is also seeking digital products to feature in a new section of the website coming soon called 'Downloads/Resources'.


Privacy and Confidentiality


All customer information is to be kept private and confidential.


Any breach of customer information will result in instant termination of any and all collaboration/s with 11:11 Hour.



Payment Methods


11:11 Hour utilises the following payment methods, and these payment methods are required for this collaboration to work efficiently.


11:11 Hour requires one of the following payment methods and the details described in order to pay the collaborative business. 

Bank Deposit - BSB Number, Account Number, Account Name.


Pay ID - Phone Number or Email Address.


PayPal - Phone Number or Email Address. (PayPal may charge fees to receive payments)

Want to Collaborate with us?

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for applying - We'll be in touch!

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